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Cosmetic Dentist in Miami

Cosmetic Dentist in Miami

Looking your best in Miami starts with a great smile

First impressions are important. Like it or not, when we meet someone, we take note of how they dress, how they carry themselves and we connect through things like a warm and friendly smile.

The cosmetic dentist at Gables Exceptional Smiles can help you stand out in a crowd, giving you a dazzling smile that will boost your confidence and make you feel great whether it’s meeting someone for the first time, or hanging out with your friends and family.

We offer a complete range of cosmetic dental services to help you create your best possible smile.

Orthodontics – It’s impossible to achieve your best smile if you have crooked teeth. Investing one to three years to bring your teeth into line is a small investment for a lifetime of smile benefits you’re going to enjoy. Gables Exceptional Smiles uses metal, ceramic or plastic appliances depending on your situation and with advances in orthodontics, teeth move faster and with less discomfort than ever before.

Invisalign – A popular orthodontic choice, Invisalign allows you to wear an appliance discreetly that can be removed when you eat and drink or brush your teeth. Because they are transparent, Invisalign aligners mean that your ortho treatment can go virtually unnoticed, and treatment may be completed in as little as one year.

Veneers – if you have chips or cracks in your teeth, or they’re discolored, stained or misshaped, then your smile can instantly be revitalized with the installation of porcelain veneers. Thin shells are applied over teeth and designed to match the color, texture and translucency of your existing natural teeth.

Metal-free fillings – The days are long gone when getting a filling meant that you would wind up with a noticeable gold or silver spot on your teeth. Natural colored resin materials mean your teeth can be filled in a way that leaves you with the best possible natural appearance when you smile.

Teeth whitening – You have many options when it comes to brightening your smile through the use of teeth whitening systems. Over the counter systems will brighten your smile to some degree, but only a dentist can provide you with the most powerful and safest products to transform your smile from dull and dingy to bright and shiny.

Dr. Perez and the staff at Gables Exceptional Smiles treat patients in Coral Gables, Miami and surrounding Florida communities.